70th Anniversary Grand Prix

This race is to be known as the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix to celebrate the 70 years since the first Grand prix at Silverstone. It will be held on 9th August.

The 1st GP at Silverstone

70th Anniversary Grand Prix“Even though there were no stands like you see today, there was a really big crowd there which one was not used to seeing at that point, but there was a lot of excitement about it because there were so few places in England you could race like you could at Silverstone,” Moss adds.

“Getting in and out was really bad because of the number of people there and after the race was finished you could be a couple of hours getting out.

“There was also a lot media interest, particularly from the newspapers, and going round the circuit it was not uncommon to see photographers in the hay on the corners.”

If the number of people who came to watch made the race feel like a real event, it was the personalities, the daredevils, who made it a spectacle.”

By Gary RoseBBC Sport

My Thoughts

I remember going to the 1953 British Grand Prix as a lad and as Bernie has said it was all together different, there were no “real” barriers, just straw bales all round the circuit on the edge of the track.

The Grand Prix was scheduted to start at 3.00pm, but that wasn’t set in stone, sometimes it was 3.15pm.

The paddock had the teams spread out in what seemed to be any order with the teams having small lorries as transporters, NOT gigantic multi-million motorhomes and transporters.

In the sixties things became more organised with real transporters for teams like Brabham, and they had their team lunches delivered!

2020 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

This is the 2nd consecutive Grand Prix at Silverstone and will Lewis Hamiton do it again??

In qualifying pole was claimed by Valtterri Bottas with Lewis Hamilton  2nd and Nico Hulkenberg 3rd, and Sebastian Vettel was not in the top 10.

The race turned out to be a battle of the tyres, with once again both Mercedes having trouble with blisters on both left and right tyres early on, giving Max Verstappen a chance to get to the front of the race.

Even after the 2nd pitstops for Bottas, Max came out in front at the end of his and Bottas’s out lap, and it looked as if Charles Leclerc might be 3rd. But Lewis Hamilton came into the pits for new tyres and then he passed Charles for 3rd.

So in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix Max won from Lewis and Valterri with Leclerc 4th.